In Other News, June 11

'In Other News' is Bustle's daily roundup of stories we didn't write...but still think you should read.

In keeping with the whistle-blowing trend, CNN got hold of a memo detailing staff misconduct under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The memo, as yet unconfirmed, details drug rings, prostitutes, sexual assault - you name it. Stay tuned.

The Guardian has promised that there are plenty more security leaks where Edward Snowden came from - and we'll find out exactly what they are... at some point. Not right now.

The Fiscal Times educated us about the strangest majors in America. (Spoilers: they include Bakery Science, Bowling Management, and Cannabis Cultivation.)

Speaking of which, This PhD student made a series of awesome visualizations showing us how pronunciation varies across America.

(Joshua Katz, NC State University)

Slate tells us how we can avoid poisoning ourselves with sunscreen and/or the sun.

Italian artist Ekaterina Panikanova is creating these large-scale paintings using dozens of old books.

(Ekaterina Panikanova/Galleria/Colossal)

If you're pregnant and your boyfriend/husband/lover is feeling a bit left out, then Huggies' "Pregnancy Belt" is for you. Jezebel writes that if you both wear them, he/she will be able to feel your kid kick at the same time you do. Let's hope they don't make morning sickness belts.

And, finally, if you've had a rough day, here's a pretty time-lapse video of horizons from Vimeo: