The 'Ladies of London' Are Still Feuding

A second season of Bravo's Ladies of London is far from guaranteed. The network hasn't announced a renewal yet, the cast is expensive, and the ratings are just okay. And yet, hope springs eternal, because who doesn't get a kick out of a bunch of Brits telling Americans how bad their manners are? And then, of course, there are the feuds, which apparently didn't stop once the first season cameras turned off. "There’s even more drama now than there was on the TV show,” Caprice Bourret told SheKnows. “It doesn’t stop…In a Season 2, it’s definitely going to be amplified for us because we all know each other now, and we’re very, very different personalities all of us.”

"I think we all have a little evil in us," Juliet Angus told Celebuzz. "You put a bunch of women like that together in any situation, and make them spend a whole entire summer together when they probably wouldn't normally, and people are going to go evil."

But just who will be the ones doing the fighting? Will between-season antics change the ladies' friendships, or will it fall along the same old battle lines? Here are some predictions for the conflicts in Ladies of London Season 2, if Bravo makes it happen.

Caroline vs. Caprice Will Still Be Going Strong

Though there was no reunion show with Andy Cohen, BravoTV did a follow-up on its website, checking in on what each of the ladies has been up to since the season wrapped. It seems tensions between Caroline Stanbury and Caprice have not eased. When BravoTV asked who she still keeps in touch with, Caroline's reply was typically no-nonsense: "All of them, except for Caprice."

Annabelle and Juliet Will Never Be Friends

Sometimes, culture clashes just can't be resolved. Annabelle Neilson's reserved British ways will just never soften towards Juliet's up-front attitude. "Annabelle and I...it's been a very slow, hard start," Juliet told Celebuzz. "We're so completely different in our views about everything."

Is Noelle on the Outs?

It may not be all-out feud yet, but is something brewing with Noelle Reno? Being caught in the Caroline/Caprice crossfire may have given her a distaste for the whole thing. Julie Montagu tells BravoTV that she keeps in touch with everyone, including Noelle. "Noelle and I have a very good mutual friend in common that brings us together for a super fun girls' lunch," she says.

Reading between the lines, though, Julie and Noelle don't really spend time together of their own volition. Without the mutual friend, would they see each other at all? Juliet takes things one step further. "I've seen Noelle at many events," she tells BravoTV, "but we aren't as close anymore." Could conflict be on the horizon?

Everyone Loves Marissa

No matter who's fighting, though, no one ever really has a problem with Marissa Hermer. I guess being an American helps her fit in with the Americans, but becoming a British citizen has endeared her to the Brits. Her conflict-avoiding strategy is definitely worthy of closer study, should there be a second season of Ladies of London.

Image: Rebecca Miller/Bravo