Comic-Con Reveals a 'King Kong' Sequel But Will Godzilla Make a Cameo?

The last King Kong movie was released in 2005 with uncomfortable acting from Jack Black at an even more uncomfortable length of 187 minutes. I didn’t necessarily dislike the movie, especially considering how emotional Naomi Watts’ performance was, but an intermission would have been nice. And to be honest, I could’ve waited a little while longer before seeing another version of this classic film. Yet the team at Legendary Pictures surprised fans at San Diego’s Comic-Con on Saturday with news that yet another King Kong will be making its way to theaters with Skull Island.

The film will focus on King Kong’s home, Skull Island, where the giant ape is not the only monster in the area. In fact, some people are already questioning whether or not Godzilla will take part in this latest addition of King Kong.

Yet with the movie still in its early stages, all we know right now, according to details of a teaser that was revealed at Comic-Con, the film will explore King Kong’s habitat, rather than taking us off the island as prior movies have. So I guess we can’t expect to see King Kong climbing skyscrapers anytime soon, but we might see him swinging through forests and battling other giant animals like he did with the dinosaur in director Peter Jackson’s work.

Though it’s still too early to know who will be directing the film, the movie will be released on November 4, 2016, only two years from now and 11 years after the last one.

Images: Giphy, Universal Pictures/IMDb