'Batman V Superman's Teaser Trailer Was Leaked So Watch It While You Can — VIDEO — UPDATE

*Update: As was inevitable, it has indeed been taken down.

Are you ready for your first look at Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice ? Are you prepared? Because the audience at San Diego Comic-Con already got their look, so there have been two options going forward from Warner Bros. presentation: Wait for the studio to release the official teaser trailer in HD for the masses ... or wait for someone from that Comic-Con audience to embrace the spirit of the age of the Internet and upload a stealthily-acquired version of the teaser. We're still waiting on the former — but the latter just happened.

Now, this teaser could get taken down at literally any moment, but the first look at Batman V Superman is here. It comes equipped with the ooohing and awwwwing of the Comic-Con crowd, my personal favorite being the guy — obviously either near the camera or holding it — who just can't contain himself when Batman is revealed. Comic-Con's always filled to the brim with the type of earnest people who not only help make films like this blockbusters but also serve as a reminder of just how iconic and beloved these characters are. In other words: That dude's shrieking might be a distraction, but it's kind of a pretty adorable distraction.

Watch while you can: