Hilary Duff's Promotion Of Her Single Is So Cute

Obviously the best way to promote your new single is to use your children because no one can resist how dang cute they are. Shameless? Maybe. Yet I still have to applaud Hilary Duff’s use of her son to tease Chasing the Sun, her soon-to-be-released single, on Saturday.

The Instagram video has already received thousands of likes from Duff fans, and captures the most adorable sight of son Luca Comrie playing on the beach. Clearly happy with fruit in hand, the little tike is dancing along to Duff’s song in the background with cute moves already far superior to my own.

His mother, Duff, can be heard as she films her son saying, “You dancing? Oh get it. Get it. Oh yeah,” clearly enthused that he enjoys her music. That would pretty awkward if he didn’t.

The 26-year-old singer and former Lizzie McGuire star (man, those were the days) also posted a picture of herself to Instagram, which shows her standing on the beach with a plane in the sky. According to the caption, the plane is flying a Chasing the Sun banner overhead. This plane was just one of many promoting her single, and Duff even posted the list of beaches other Chasing the Sun planes would fly over on Saturday to allow others to participate in the selfie-plane posts. Wherever Duff is, she’s definitely having a good week.

Chasing the Sun debuts on July 29 and you can bet I’ll probably be listening to it when I'm at the beach as well, though my dancing will probably look something more akin to Rebel Wilson’s mermaid dance from Pitch Perfect.

Images: Hilary Duff/Instagram (2), Gifsoup