9 Dorm Room DIYs To Make Your Tiny New Space Feel Like Home

Adjusting to a dorm room can be a little weird. The space is probably shared, the furniture is old and used, and the bed is a twin XL (seriously, why). If you are going into college imagining a dorm room like those featured on ABC Family shows, stop now. Your dorm will not be that big, it will not be that beautiful, and it won't be that dramatic.

But despite those struggles, your dorm room can be a great place to express yourself, and a prime way to telegraph to your floor-mates and best-friends-to-be that you're fun, interesting, and have a killer sense of style. Here are some ways to make your space feel like home, and more importantly, feel like YOU.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

by Corinne Caputo

yay wall art

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Vintage Revivals is the perfect blog. This wall art is enviable, and luckily, Mandi shows you how to make it for yourself.

Image: Vintage Revivals

heart blanket diy

An easy way to make a room feel cozy is with a few blankets, like this heart-stamped one from A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

washi tape laptop keyboard

You can take your decor on the go when you decorate your laptop keyboard, like this example from Her New Leaf.

Image: Her New Leaf

neon wrapped lamp cord

This DIY from Vitamini Handmade is incredibly simple, but can add so much life to a space. Which is perfect because you definitely won’t be allowed to paint those dorm room walls.

Image: Vitamini Handmade

gathered foliage wall

This foliage wall DIY from The Merry Thought is simple, yet ambitious. I suggest using fake leaves from a craft store to get your foliage wall started. It will save you time and possible clean up.

Image: The Merry Thought

diy rope rug

Rugs can add a lot of warmth to a space. I recommend this giant DIY rope rug from A Beautiful Mess. You can personalize by choosing any colors or patterns you’d like.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

color blocked clock art

This amazing color-blocked clock was created by Vintage Revivals and, for only $1.99, it’s the perfect dorm decor.

Image: Vintage Revivals

diy whiteboard calendar

There are so many reasons this whiteboard calendar from Vitamini Handmade is perfect for a dorm. First, you’ll need a calendar but second, you can attach it to any wall with adhesive, which means no holes!

Image: Vitamini Handmade

diy hanging wire triangles

Geometric shapes are very “in” right now, so you might as well make some of your own with this tutorial from The Merry Thought. It’s simple, and won’t take up too much space in a dorm room.

Image: The Merry Thought