11 Mac 'n' Cheese Hacks, Because The Classic Can — Gasp! — Get Even Better

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If you’re like us, you fill your Pinterest account with pretty, happy things to eat. Berries figure prominently, together with zucchini ribbons and juices in every color of the rainbow. Your boards have names like “Picnicking,” “Dream Kitchen,” and “Summer Days.”

Real life doesn’t look like Pinterest. In fact, it looks more like a box of Easy Mac beside your stovetop, after a long day and no desire to pickle chard stems. And you know what? There's no shame in these glorious, cardboard boxes. They've been saving our dinner since we were kids — but now, it’s time to turn them into a respectable meal. Or, at the very least, a meal with more than just carbs and powdered cheese. With a little inspiration from the craziest kitchen scientists we know, we rounded up the best ways to eat Easy Mac — and feel good about it.

Image: Damn Delicious

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