'Game of Crowns': Leha Confronts Lynne About The Rumors & Lynne's Response Is Pretty Sus

Hey, remember when last Sunday’s Game of Crowns spun out of control and reduced me to a pile of discarded pageant glitter? I truly was not ready for any of it. There were death threats, someone said she’d heard someone else’s husband was abusive, and there was a shit talk sesh that drove me to yell “I LOVE A GOOD SHIT TALK SESH BUT YOU’RE TAKING THINGS TOO FAR!!!!” at the TV screen (sorry, TV. It’s not you, it’s GoC). While this Sunday’s episode didn’t provoke me to scream at my television set, it did leave me with a twitchy eyelid.

What caused my eyelid to spasm uncontrollably? That final scene between Leha and Lynne, that’s what. The woman with the Cinderella -inspired tea salon most certainly did NOT channel her favorite Disney princess during that meet up. Cinderelly would never be that rude.

Leha suspected Lynne not only fabricated the story that Nick threatened to kill her, but that she was also the person behind the abuse rumors. Rather than give Leha a concrete answer, Lynne said Nick definitely said something to her at the pageant, but she might've "misconstrued" what he said and could not recall the "exact syntax" he used. Uh, what? Fishy story, LYNNE.

But that wasn't all Lynne did during the meet up. In the middle of the convo, Lynne attempted to hop out of the hot seat. Her tactic: tell Leha what the other women said about her before the Mrs. America pageant. I see what you're doing, LYNNE.

As upset as she was, Leha did not let the comments distract her. She circled back to the alleged death threat. Lynne would not budge from her "misconstrued"/"exact syntax" platform. And then, they ended the conversation and their friendship. I must admit, the specifics of the end of their convo went in one of my ears and out the other because I was too preoccupied with attempting to piece together why Lynne would start those SERIOUS rumors (I came up empty). Additionally, my eye all was all but sealing shut at that moment. That was not fun.

Next ep, Leha will call out Vanassa and Shelley for that nasty pre-Mrs. America shit talk sesh:


I know we're only at episode 3, but it's safe to say Leha is my favorite person on GoC. I mean, the show has done a solid job at making me want to root for her. She's down to confront people and she seems nice. I'm totally in Leha's corner.

Oh! Lori-Ann seems nice, too. I'm in Leha and Lori-Ann's corner[s]. Yeah, GoC could hit us with a Shyamalan twist and reveal Leha and Lori-Ann have been ghosts, er, villains all along, but in the meantime, they're good in my book.

Image: Bravo