Jennifer Lopez & Maksim Chmerkovskiy Are Still Just Friends & We're Starting to Wonder Why

It's been two months since fans of Dancing with the Stars — and the mind-blowingly popular match up of Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis — were forced to live in a new reality where Maks might have his eyes set on Jennifer Lopez instead. The two of them were spotted being quite cozy while J. Lo was busy promoting A.K.A. and, since then, they've gone on numerous friend dates and Maks was present while she celebrated her 45th birthday on Thursday. Leah Remini and now Dancing With the Stars' Cheryl Burke have confirmed J. Lo and Maks aren't dating, as have the pair themselves, but at this point the real question is starting to become, well, why not?

"They're beautiful people, yeah. But at the end of the day it's more about the inside," said Burke at the Young Hollywood Awards on Sunday. "It's more about how they are going to get along and if they match well together. She's so busy, he's so busy, but you never know. But if they fall in love, amazing!"

To be fair, if Jennifer Lopez and Maks Chmerkovskiy decided to date then they would certainly be a good looking couple on par with Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez or Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara. However, of all the endless reasons for why the two of them might be delaying the romance part of their suddenly close relationship, four in particular stand out for why that spark still hasn't happened yet.

1. They're seriously just friends.

Thos Robinson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hollywood might do its best to convince us otherwise, but sometimes a guy and a girl really can just be friends without wanting to hook up. It happens all the time in real life. Lopez and Chmerkovskiy have known each other for a while without taking their relationship to that level, so there's no real reason for them to suddenly want to right now.

2. J. Lo isn't interested.

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Lopez's split from Casper Smart is still pretty recent and she might not even be interested in looking for someone else just yet. She's working hard on a career revival and has an album out to promote, both of which would keep her way too busy to start a relationship. She doesn't really need to rush into something new.

3. Maks doesn't date famous women.

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As Maks himself told the New York Daily News, he kind of really hates being linked to famous women. According to him, it's near impossible to have a successful relationship in Hollywood with all of those eyes on you and that would probably be ten times as true if he romanced someone as famous as Jennifer Lopez. If something develops between them, it's likely they wouldn't go public with it until it felt solid enough to hold up to public scrutiny.

4. Maks is still hung up on Meryl.

Oh, what, sorry? Is Maksyl not still a thing? Too bad. Maybe the reason that Maks and J. Lo haven't taken their relationship to the next level is because Maks isn't interested, not because she's famous but because she's not Meryl Davis. After all, Maks did say that he wanted Meryl to be the last person he "got to be passionate with and care so much for". So do we, Maks. So do we.

Image: maksimc/Instagram