Are They Expecting a Luke or Leia?

For any Jumper fans out there or those still carrying on with Summer Roberts as a fish out of water doctor in the South — don’t deny that you’re waiting for an Adam Brody cameo on Hart of Dixie — word on the street is that actress Rachel Bilson is expecting a baby girl with her fiancé Hayden Christensen. Bilson’s Hart of Dixie co-star, McKaley Miller, apparently confirmed to HollywoodLife that the show’s star is having a little lady, supporting Us Weekly’s recent speculation from Bilson's shopping trip to West Hollywood’s Bel Bambini boutique. “Rachel spent a long time holding onto a pair of denim shorts with a bow on them — they were for a baby girl, but not newborn clothes,” an Us Weekly source said. She eyed the tiny dresses too, before leaving the store with pacifiers, baby blankets, and a car seat. Obviously, anyone with an eye for fashion like Bilson would covet baby girl dresses in store, so it’s hard to say if this rumor is true or if it's a whimsical wish for The O.C.’s favorite society girl.

Of course, if Bilson and Christensen have a girl — like, just one girl — this puts an end to the possibility of twin Skywalkers. Yes, because even if we aren’t in a galaxy far, far away, the universe should at least give Christensen, AKA young Anakin Skywalker, a Luke and Leia of his very own.

Well, regardless of their new baby's gender, or the number of babies they're expecting for that matter, I'm sure the force will be strong with their young Jedi. (Or at least the acting bug will be.)

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