Dog Reunites With Owner, Faints From Excitement

Last month I went on a trip to my parents' house, which I hadn't visited in nearly eight months. The family dogs, two miniature dachshunds, got really excited, peed everywhere, and ran away, leaving me behind to clean up the mess. Not the dream homecoming I thought it would be, and certainly not as good as a dog named Casey passing out after seeing a family member for the first time in two years.

The viral YouTube video of the screeching, wriggling Casey the schnauzer is even sweeter with context. According to the video description, Rebecca Ehalt was living and working in Slovenia and hadn't been home to visit Murrysville, Pennsylvania, in two years. Her entire family had seen her the year before when they flew to Bled, Slovenia, for her wedding, but they left poor Casey behind.

So when Ehalt dipped back to Murrysville, Casey was excited. Super excited, in fact. Aside from letting out one of the strangest shrieks for what felt like an eternity, Casey ran up to Ehalt, gave some puppy love, and then briefly fainted. Has someone ever been so excited to see you that they literally passed out? This is just further proof that dogs are way better than humans.

When I come home from trips my cat has usually filled her litter box and is impatiently waiting for me to replace her shit sand. So yeah, I'm thinking for my next pet I want a dog to give me love like this.

LOOK AT THAT PURE JOY. Although I'm sure she is very confused as to why that little dog is surely squealing the way that the demons do in hell.

Then, all of a sudden, Casey just rolls on over, overwhelmed by the cutest reunion ever.

Just rollin' on out of the screen shot.

"WTF Casey, why are you drunk in the middle of the day? It's only 3 p.m.! I SEE YOU HAVEN'T KICKED YOUR ALCOHOL HABIT."

She was only down for a few seconds. Ehalt also added to the video that Casey was taken to the vet and is completely fine. Although they really need to get that bark checked out.

Also, in further uplifting snapshots of humanity, Ehalt is using the video and its 17 million+ views to promote a petition for China to stop eating dog meat. Talk about a visceral link, eh?

Images: Rebecca Ehalt/Youtube (6)