This Store Is Changing Plus-Sized Jean Shopping

Even those of us who love shopping tend to dread hunting for new denim. Like a good man, the right jeans are hard to find. They sag in the butt, they fit on your waist by not your legs (and vice versa) and just when you finally snag an awesome pair the brand "reformulates" their entire denim line and you can never find those exact pants again. What's a girl to do? Head to My Star Denim for some bespoke denim, that's what!

According to the Daily Mail, the Danish brand has teamed up with UNIQSIZE to offer a made-to-order jeans service geared toward plus-size women. "Launching with navabi, the premium plus size fashion brand, My Star Denim Jeans sizes are based on measurements rather than traditional UK sizes allowing you to create your very own style, totally unique to you and your shape."

Customers select a style they like enter their hip, waist, and inseam into the website, which then calculates your proper size. There's even a helpful video on the site that shows you how to take your own measurements in case you haven't done so before. Once you've entered your information you can choose to order a pair of jeans made to those specifications.

My Star Denim is being advertised as the first online bespoke denim service available for plus-sized women. The prices also aren't too bad for such potentially life-changing jeans, running between approximately $130 and $200. Say goodbye to a getting dressed routine that looks like this:

Images: My Star Denim, GifSoup