Creepy Lifelike Prince George Doll Now Available, Get 'Em While They're Hot

Because you haven't heard enough about or seen enough products of a baby who you will never meet and in no way affects you: now there's a lifelike doll of Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal baby. Not only that, but he's apparently a highly detailed collectors' item, available for a limited time for only $149.95! What a steal!

Where all this royal baby mania comes from, I have no idea, but my theory is that it's part of the royal family's plan for global domination. It starts with creepy royal baby dolls, but then grows into royal baby plates, and couches, and books, and doorknobs, and before you know it, everything you own has some trace of the royal family.

You will have exact replicas of all Kate Middleton's clothes. Prince Harry will be your screensaver. Your house will be littered with lifelike Prince George baby doll heads. Only then can you look into the exquisitely hand-painted dead eyes of your one-of-a-kind royal baby doll and know true peace.

[Images via Ashton-Drake]