Jessica Simpson & Cacee Cobb Aren't the Only Long-Time BFFs in Hollywood — PHOTOS

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Instagram all but exploded from a cuteness overload on Sunday when Jessica Simpson posted a photo of her adorable son, Ace, playing with her BFF Cacee Cobb's adorable son, Rocco. The two tykes looked about as precious as a kitten swaddled in a Snuggie as they both steadied themselves against an ottoman. The photo is said to have brought dead flowers back to life in some parts of the world.

Aside from the fact that the picture was heart-melting, because, hello, two tiny humans hanging out with each other, doing their tiny human thing (drooling), fans seemed to collectively coo over the fact that the shot sort of symbolizes Best Friends: Next Generation. Cobb and Simpson have been besties since the Lachey days (see above), and there's something inherently sweet about celebrity friendships being able to withstand the fickle winds of Hollywood.

Of course, Jess and Cacee aren't the only long-time famous BFFs. Here, our 7 favorite celebrity besties. Aww.

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