'The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies' Trailer is Missing These 4 Crucial Elements — VIDEO

Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy will never satisfy me. I don't care how long it took to make, how many Red cameras they bought, or how many times Peter has read J.R.R. Tolkien's original work, he has failed me as a fan. In the spirit of the book, there should have been only one movie, even if it would have to be three hours long. Also, I didn't need material added from The Simarillion or pulled out of Jackson's Tolkien-obsessed head, since the original story is compelling, and much more cinematic than even The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And if he is going to add a female character, she has to be strong, independent, and not a boy-crazy elf. Furthermore, there are no orcs in The Hobbit. Period.

Despite my deep-seated issues with the movies, I've seen the first two at midnight, and enjoyed them as originals instead of adaptations. I was even anticipating the release of the trailer for the third installment, even after Jackson changed the subtitle from "There and Back Again" to "The Battle of Five Armies." But after seeing the trailer, I'm on the fence, because it appears that Jackson has left out many of the elements of the last third of The Hobbit. Here's a list of the missing elements that are driving me mad.

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The Eagles

I'm hoping that the Eagles were left out on purpose, to give non-book-readers a shock when they come in to save the day. If not, I'm don't know how Bilbo and the dwarves are going to win the "Battle of Five Armies."


Similarly, I hope that Beorn's reappearance was left out for dramatic effect. Beorn is one of my favorite characters in Middle Earth (along with Treebeard—I've got a thing for endangered manimals), and if I don't see him toward the end of the movie, I'll probably throw my Junior Mints at the screen and walk out.


There is a short scene where Galadriel is holding a seemingly unconscious Gandalf, which is completely out place. A hint for Peter Jackson: Gandalf dies and is resurrected in that other series of Tolkien movies you made.

The Bargaining

Although the trailer shows a lot of tension between elf, dwarf, and man, there is no hint at the trickery and bargaining that goes on in the book. Hopefully Bilbo will get his time to shine as a burglar and tricksy ambassador.

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