The 'Fifty Shades' Trailer Has So Many Views

There's really no denying that the world is a very horny place. Conservative relatives can side with Hobby Lobby all they want on facebook, but the truth is evident: The world enjoys sex, and a sexy movie. Case in point: The Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer has raked in 36.4 million Youtube views in the four days it's been out. Yeah. Some of those are from your conservative aunt.

It's no surprise that the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer was a popular one: The book was a freaking powerhouse when it came to sales, and you can really tell something's launched itself into the zeitgeist when all the media surrounding it automatically absorbed every combination of wordplay possible. If I hear one more pun about this damn story I'm gonna go fifty shades of Hulk on everything.

And now that we live in a world where trailers can have good opening weeks, Fifty Shades has moved on from the New York Times bestseller list to dominate Youtube. It was helped along a little bit, no doubt, by the trailer also being the site of our first sneak listens to Beyonce's new version of "Crazy In Love," but the romantic BDSM-lite this thing boasts probaby also helped a little. For comparison, cancerous teen romance The Fault In Our Stars premiered its trailer in January and was a hit at the box office but has acrewed only 26.2 million views on the official 20th Century Fox posting — this after becoming the most-liked trailer in Youtube history. The Fault In Our Stars was impressive in the Youtube scope of things, but by becoming the most-viewed trailer of the year, Fifty Shades is proving once again that sex sells.

Was there any doubt?