Miley Cyrus Tattooed Her Assistant

Surely everyone can relate to doodling on a piece of scrap paper when there's nothing better to do, or when avoiding a dreaded task takes precedence over actually completing it. Without these random drawings, Google Doodles wouldn't be a thing. I mean, it's a totally normal way to pass time, right? Sure, but in the case of Miley Cyrus, doodling can't be confined to a piece of paper, particularly because her assistant allows her to draw on him—with a tattoo gun. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Miley Cyrus tattooed her assistant Cheyne Thomas. In the immortal words of Kanye West, that shit cray.

Hopefully the paychecks, perks and pension Thomas receives make up for his boss using him as a human sheet of scratch paper. Was he under the influence or the threat of being canned? Since they're reportedly besties and Thomas also tattooed Cyrus as well, I'll assume that's not the case. It would take some major convincing (read: hefty pay raise) for me to volunteer for tattoo target practice and in the end, that still may not suffice. Knowing Cyrus, this is just her idea of having fun and she won't be making a career out of it anytime soon. If so, that's a good thing because the tattoo doesn't look like much. The Instagram photo Cyrus shared reveals a tiny yet crudely drawn happy face (no tongue) on what is presumably Thomas' ankle.

Yikes...it's also barely there, which was a smart move. Allow me to state the obvious and say don't try this at home, kids. Scary as it is, it's obviously not a big deal to the pop singer who supposedly received one of her numerous tattoos at a house party. The same day she tatted her assistant, Cyrus posted this photo of herself getting inked as well.

And this one, with her going in for the kill.

At this point someone needs to tell Cyrus to back away from the tattoo gun.

Images: MileyCyrus/Instagram (3)