A Gross New Disease Will Put Everyone at Risk

It's just one danger after another for the wolf pack at Beacon Hills High School. On Teen Wolf 's after hours talk show Wolf Watch , a preview for the newest episode "Weaponized" premiered and featured a scary-looking new threat for Scott and his friends, and this time it's not just the supernatural creatures who should be worried. What is this new threat? No, it's not a new hit man or monster. It's a disease, and it's gross.

Wolf Watch offered up both a promo and a sneak preview scene from "Weaponized," both of which focused heavily on the disease. Lydia's mom, the newest science teacher at Beacon Hills High, is the first to come in close contact with the disease when she finds it on the back of lacrosse coach, Coach Feinstock. Not only does it look horrible, it seems to really have some dangerous effects as the promo for the episode later shows many of our favorite characters infected and fighting for their lives, including Stiles, Malia, and Scott. How could this disease have entered the high school and who would have introduced it to the town? Knowing this show, the most obvious answer may not be the right one.

Sure, The Benefactor could be getting tired of using assassins to cross names off of the dead pool but would he or she also risk killing so many innocent humans? What did Coach Feinstock and Stiles ever do to The Benefactor? And how could the big baddie be sure that this disease would actually finish the job? From the preview for "Weaponized," Lydia very clearly seems to be outside of the quarantined school and away from the harm of the disease as well. And we all know she's a supernatural creature on the Benefactor's dead pool.

The only thing I can surmise from these previews and the title of the episode is that someone (or something) is indeed using this disease as a weapon. Lydia does reveal in the preview to Sheriff Stilinski that someone will probably die from this outbreak. We'll just have to tune in to find out who released the disease and who's next to go. I'm taking bets on Derek. He's already been identified as the probable next death. But I'm crossing my fingers and toes that he and Stiles can make it through the worst of it. Fighting supernatural creatures may be tough but taking on a silent, body-less killer? That's going to take a miracle.

Image: MTV