On 'Finding Carter' Carter's Boyfriend Prospects Aren't Very Promising

Now that ABC's most recent season of The Bachelorette has come to a close, I've been wildly trying to find something to occupy my time. It seems MTV's Finding Carter has filled that void. For anyone who hasn't been hooked yet, Finding Carter chronicles a teenage's girls assimilation into her family over 10 years after she was kidnapped by a woman she thought was her mother. Carter doesn't really have much of an issue when it comes to her new town. She manages to seamlessly join a friend group, become the life of every party, and constantly annoy her twin sister Taylor, if she really is her twin.

It seems Carter is one of those "electric people." Everyone really just seems to be drawn to her, like a moth to a flame, which is one of the things that reminds me of The Bachelorette. Multiple suitors! Luckily, everyone, and I literally mean everyone, is really good looking in Carter's town. This also makes it nearly impossible to choose one person to ship her with because, well, everyone is good looking. Carter's juggling like three or four different situations right now, all of which could potentially pan out into real relationships, though some are better than others. Lets take a look at a few of Carter's options.


Good ol' Max. I love Max, I really do. He and Carter already dated, and sadly it seems this ship may have already sailed. He is becoming a fan favorite, and with good reason. He's sort of like a golden retriever in human form. Take that as you will, but it's a compliment. He's fiercely loyal to Carter, always looks slightly confused/disheveled/lost, which is insanely endearing, and has a lot of fun playing (well, video games anyways).

However, Max seems to be gravitating towards Taylor.

There's an undeniable attraction, at least from Taylor's side, so we'll see where it goes. But, I can't help wishing Max would end up with Carter in the end.


I'm going to come out and say what everyone seems to be afraid to about Gabe: he scares me. He genuinely scares me. It's not even like he has an attraction to Carter, but it's almost like she's his pet project. Gabe is the goodie goodie of the group for sure. His cop father makes me slightly question his motives, considering he's very deeply involved in helping Carter find her "mother" or kidnapper.

Some think Gabe is the ideal choice for Carter, based on some of the submissions to the Finding Carter confessions Tumblr.

I just honestly think he's strange. I'd rather see him end up with Carter's sister. But, based on their track record, that doesn't seem too likely.


Wow. Just, wow. What is there to say about Crash. He's bad news, that's pretty obvious. The show has done everything they can to show viewers Crash is a bad boy. Luckily, that seems to be Carter's type. Crash has a propensity for crime, especially stolen cars, which makes him not necessarily the best choice for Carter.

She seems intrigued by him but also a bit wary, as she should be. He's gorgeous, no denying that, but I say no to Crash.


Ofie is an overlooked character. He doesn't get a hell of a lot of screen time, and gives off a very intense Jason Mraz vibe when wearing that straw fedora. He's sort of a "jack of all trades," selling everything from burner cell phones to pills. He seems to be kind-hearted, but I don't see this going anywhere. People are shipping him with Bird, yet they don't seem to have any chemistry either. He is really cute though.


Since the show began, there haven't been too many twists or turns (besides the fact that Carter was actually kidnapped for like 10 years). But, I think MTV will throw a little curveball and give us an unexpected romance.

I would be a little surprised if this happened but nonetheless, this is the ship that I hope sails most of all. All of the other guys are either bad news, preoccupied with other things, or just plain creepy (ahem, Gabe).

I agree with the Carter Bird shippers. Now to come up with a name. Card? Bica? We'll have to work on that a little.

Images: MTV (4), findingcarterconfessions/tumblr (9)