It's Dog Movie Time, Everyone!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I think that the only thing that was missing from Apocalypse Now was a bunch of puppies. You know, make the famous catchphrase into "I love the smell of dog urine in the morning!" No? Okay, maybe not, but the Twitter-trending "Dog Movies" throws a canine into movie titles, because c'mon — sometimes, humans are just lame protagonists. No offense to humans, but sometimes, dog heroes trump human heroes. Would you watch videos of a corgi on an escalator for 10 minutes? Probably. Would you watch a video of a human on an escalator? Didn't think so.

Some movies specifically about pets are just okay — Beethoven is a classic for many kids — but wouldn't you rather see the entirety of a movie like Catch Me If You Can interpreted by puppies? Just replace the entire human cast and put dogs in the movie instead? Given my elation at Game of Thrones with pugs, I'm pretty sure I'd more quickly rush to a movie theater to see Fetch Me If You Can before I watched Marley & Me again — no offense to people who liked Marley & Me. It's good! It's a tearjerker! It's just like, we're talking about a dog version of Leonardo DiCaprio right now.

Would I be getting ahead of myself if I suggested there be a network that replaces everything you know in pop culture with dogs? (And we haven't even gotten started on cats yet!). Maybe I am, so for now, let's take a look at some of the best #DogMovies on Twitter. Warning: some are rated R, for excessive leg humping.

So, so, good.