Selfie Ad Campaigns Are Gonna Be A Thing Now

Let's all face the facts, shall we? The selfie isn't going anywhere. Despite what Karl Lagerfeld once said about them being "electronic masterbation," most of the fashion world is embracing the new form of portraiture with open arms. You know it's a big deal when we collectively ignore Karl. Now the selfie revolution continues to dominate the fashion landscape with Daria Werbowy's self portrait campaign for Equipment.

This campaign is interesting for several reasons. The photographs themselves, while effortlessly cool like the model in the photos, are nothing we haven't seen before. But asking Werbowy to step into the role of both photographer and subject illustrates a sense of agency born from the Age of the Selfie. We can all be photographers and models alike, even if we can't be Daria Werbowy going braless in a half unbuttoned Equipment shirt.

The best of the released images features Werbowy with a Joan Jett-y black mullet sporting underpants and a silky blouse with only one button closed, looking brazen as she stares at the camera. All of the images seem like private moments captured almost by accident, and there is an intimacy that is probably the result of Werbowy taking the photos herself. The model-turned-selfie master described the process to Vogue:

For over two weeks, Werbowy holed up in the bucolic countryside surrounding her home in Ireland. “I couldn’t really imagine doing it in a studio,” says Werbowy, who brought a series of wigs to wear for the shoot that she cut and styled herself. “I went kind of mental and just kept shooting to get over the nerves of the whole process. It definitely brought up things for me emotionally. I saw certain qualities about myself in the creative process and even some control issues I had. I think it is more of a true representation of myself than people have ever seen before.”

Perhaps the coolest part of the campaign is the accompanying video, shot by Werbowy as well, which plays like a series of dreamy (and extremely glamorous) home movies. Check it out below.

Image: Equipment