Bryan Bednarek Breaks His Own Guinness World Record for World’s Fastest Clapper

Is it even humanly possible to clap 804 times in a minute? Apparently so. And for America's . The man is zen-like (eyes closed, hands in a near-prayer position), while he breaks his own — without even breaking a sweat. Bednarek received the official certificate just last week, after breaking his own . The video appeared on YouTube a few days ago.

If you’re curious about the logistics of breaking a clapping record — What constitutes a clap? Who decides if it's legitimate? — look no further than the YouTube video, where Bednarek outlines a few of the official rules. “A ‘clap’ is confined to noises made by an individual’s two palms meeting,” he explains. Two experienced sound engineers and two experienced timekeepers with stopwatches accurate to 0.01 seconds need to be present for the record attempt. There are even specifications as to the correct microphone height (1 meter above the ground) and its distance from the clapper (2.5 meters). You then have to submit a cover letter, witness statements, and both photographic and video evidence to Guinness World Records to have the record approved. That's a lot of effort for those two extra claps.

RobScallon2 on YouTube

Bednarek may be #OfficiallyAmazing (The Guinness World Record’s slogan), but he's also modest. On Sunday he a video of the fastest 13-year-old clapper, along with the words: “I am honestly no more skilled than this kid. I hope he’s kept it up since then!” If this little boy wants to be the best, he’ll have to start getting clapping at every occasion. According to the Guinness World Records site, Bryan “claps to music, claps when he's excited, claps when he's running and exercising and claps to keep warm during cold car rides!” It’s a full-time hobby, this clapping business.

Check out Bryan's previous record from 2012, below. (Nice to see he's remained true to his love for fisheye).

RobScallon2 on YouTube

Round of applause for Bryan...who must have a lot of free time on his hands. (Sorry, had to).