'The Maze Runner' Trailer Welcomes You to the Glade, Promises Tons Of Mysteries — VIDEO

Much like with the trailers for The Giver, I started out with a tepid relationship with upcoming YA dystopia adaptation The Maze Runner, only to find myself won over more and more with every trailer. Or, hmm, am I just being worn down? Hard to say, but regardless: The newest Maze Runner trailer is here, and it's just cryptic and mysterious enough to grab my attention.

Maze Runner, based on the novel of the same name by James Dashner, stars Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien as a young man names Thomas, who's dropped — with no memory of his name or his life — into a community of boys right next a giant boy-eating maze. A girl (Skins' Kaya Scodelario) shows up and knows who Thomas is, and issues of destiny and heroism bubble up as they try to figure out how to escape.

There's no doubt we're oversaturated with teens in dystopian, near-apocalyptic futures at this moment in time, and not all of the films made are going to be quality. As such, I've kind of assumed that since the Hunger Games movies have really impressed me and Divergent didn't suck, that this one was sure to terrible. But hey, I'll open my mind a little bit. After all, O'Brien's been one of the best things about Teen Wolf since the very beginning, and the same could be said of Scodelaria and Skins. Hypable says the movie's pretty good.

With a September 18 release date, we haven't got too much longer to see for ourselves.

Image: 20th Century Fox