We Asked It: What Do You Think of the A.C.L.U Lawsuit Against the Obama Administration?

In the first major legal response to the revelation that the N.S.A. has access to domestic phone logs, the A.C.L.U. filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration Tuesday, contesting the constitutionality of the record-gathering. We headed into Williamsburg, Brooklyn to see what people are saying about the controversial balance between individual privacy and national security. [Image: Getty Images]

"I will not be losing any sleep over it."

“Me personally, I believe it’s wrong. However, pragmatically, whether the [the government] makes laws or not, there will be some big organization with this data. Bottom line: I will not be losing any sleep over it.” –Seth, 39

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"I felt for Snowden a lot."

“When I first heard about it, I felt for [Edward Snowden] a lot, because he was quoted in an interview that he would never see his family. I don’t know how [the issue] is going to come to a resolve. I think there will be a rift between the people who believe what Snowden is saying and those who believe what the government is saying.” –Jeannie, 19

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"Treading on constitutionality, that's a slippery slope."

“I understand that you have to do certain things to protect from evildoers and whatnot, but treading on constitutionality, that’s a slippery slope. What’s the threshold we now hold for privacy?” –Paul, 34“I don’t think you should be able to sell phone numbers–but there are so many ways for people to have access to your information, even without phone records being available.

–Kelly, 37

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"People should have their privacy."

“I just believe people should have their privacy, and that’s really it.” –Jennifer, 46

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"The lawsuit is a good thing."

“I think [the lawsuit] is a good thing. It’s good that we have organizations like [the A.C.L.U.] who can represent the voices of individuals. I’m not going to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration…” –Palmer, 24

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