Chill Beers in Two Minutes Thanks to the Wonders of Science!

Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's summertime, and that means everybody is into the idea of keeping cool, whether that means stocking up on excellent summer clothes or grabbing a cold beer. And now you can have that cold beer whenever you want it, thanks to a new, super fast, science-approved beer chilling technique. Now that is a life hack we can definitely get behind.

The technique, demonstrated in a handy YouTube video by DaveHax, allows you to chill a room temperature beer down to icy cold temperatures in just two minutes. And it's so simple you'll be able to manage it even if you're quite a few beers in already. All you need to do is mix some water, ice, and a few spoonfuls of salt together in a bowl, then put your can in (this technique also works with non-alcoholic beverages, though that's much less fun). Minutes later, your drink should be a cool 40 degrees.

As the video explains, this process works because the salt lowers the melting point of the mixture, causing the ice to melt faster. The ice therefore has to draw heat from whatever's available, including the can. In other words, an icy cold beer is now just two minutes away.

It's always nice when science helps you get shwasted.

DaveHax on YouTube

Image: Kris Connor/Getty Images