'Guardians Of the Galaxy's Chris Pratt Wants to Murder Tony Stark & We Can't Really Blame Him

Just last week Chris Pratt was causing swoonage throughout the world by showing off his french-braiding skills on an ET Online intern's hair during an interview. Now Chris Pratt's suggesting Peter Quill murder Tony Stark. And it's still pretty great? God dammit, Chris Pratt, you really are gonna be the man of the summer.

Pratt's traitorous suggestion came during yet another in the endless line of Guardians of the Galaxy press conferences happening right now. Asked what he'd like to see out of a Guardians/Avengers collision — which could very easily happen, especially considering Gamora fights with the Avengers in the comics in the fight against Thanos — director James Gunn's immediate response was that he'd like to see them die. This brought up a time when Gunn and Pratt were driving around and Pratt brought up how much he wants to see Peter Quill just straight-up shoot Tony Stark in the face.

As Pratt elaborates:

Look, none of my ideas will ever make the [sequel] so I should just tell you all of them because it will never be a spoiler. I know that in the comic that Gamora and Iron Man, you know, throughout the comics they've hooked up. So how does Peter Quill feel about that, maybe he doesn't like it — and then Rocket shoots Tony Stark in minute five! Just blows a hole in his face?! That would be amazing! People would be super mad! But it would be kinda great! 'Why'd you do that??' 'Robert Downey Jr. makes $100 million a movie we can't afford him any more.'

I'm not one to advocate for a storyline where a dude kills someone out of female-related jealousy, but the face Pratt has on throughout his entire telling of the story reminds me so much of Andy Dwyer that I'm kind of on board? He's just so excited about it!

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