Emma Roberts At Comic Con Does Black And White Perfectly — Steal Her Look In 4 Simples Steps

It's that time of year again, when displaying your obsession with comic book movies, science fiction franchises, and superheroes is just about the chicest thing you can do. It's the week of Comic-Con. Whether you swoon for Captain America or nerd out over Batman, its safe to say that most film viewers have some fixation that renders them slack-jawed with awe and excitement. And for those fangirls and boys, Comic-Con is Mecca. Over the past several years, Hollywood's obsession with lucrative franchises (that would include films like The Dark Knight, The Avengers, and Spiderman, for those who aren't as versed in the film sphere) has further upped the ante for Comic-Con, transforming it from an already popular convention to a frenzied necessity for film buffs.

That being said, the convention also inspires an extraordinarily intriguing array of fashions in its female celebrity attendees. After all, this isn't The Critics Choice Awards or the Oscars; it is an event primarily for the fans. But when Emma Roberts stepped up to bat for one of the conferences's shindigs, she managed to channel her own style in an audience-pleasing crop top and full skirt combination. In order to channel Robert's chic, modern look, and celebrate the onslaught of Comic Con events, here are the four fashion essentials you'll need for the ensemble.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


Emma Roberts balances out the volume of her full skirt with a slim crop top. Try Forever 21's Shine On Sleeveless Crop Top for a similar style at a bargain price.


Go for full-on glamour with Nicholas's Striped Ball Gown Skirt to channel Robert's modern take on a classic look.


Keep your handbag ladylike with Danielle Nicole's Quilted Faux-Leather Fold-Over Clutch Bag.


Add a pop of color like Roberts's brightly colored pumps by choosing a pair in a vibrant shade. Chinese Laundry's Area Pumps serve the purpose perfectly.

Images: Forever 21 Shine On Sleeveless Crop Top, $6.80, forever21.com; Nicholas Striped Ball Gown Skirt, $299, shopbop.com; Danielle Nicole Quilted Faux-Leather Fold-Over Clutch Bag, $58, neimanmarcus.com; Chinese Laundry Area Pumps, $26.99, 6pm.com