Report: Alec Baldwin Is Getting His Own Talk Show

Alec Baldwin, that guy masquerading as an actor and moonlighting as a die-hard liberal activist (see: when he almost ran for mayor/governor) has reportedly been given a weekly talk show on MSNBC. A high-up cable news source told Mediate Friday that it's a "done deal," and that the progressive network will be giving Baldwin an hour each Friday night to wax lyrical about all of his many, many opinions.

Baldwin is a tried-and-tested member of the NBC family (and in that family, he's definitely the uncle who gets drunk and says inappropriate things at dinner parties). Having just finished his seven-year stint on the network's 30 Rock and hosted an array of NBC gigs, he's also known for his anger management issues.

The actor's most famous outbursts are probably when he once refused to stop playing "Words With Friends" during flight takeoff and got kicked off, and when he insulted his daughter via voicemail. Most recently, Balwin made headlines with a Twitter rant in which he called a journalist a "toxic little queen." Baldwin promptly apologized to the LGBT community, and took a two-minute time out before calling Anderson Cooper a "gay sheriff."

But MSNBC isn't totally crazy: Baldwin is a chest-pounding liberal, having spoken out about everything from animal rights to tax breaks, and serves on the board of People For The American Way, which is exactly as liberal as you're imagining.

Want a sneak preview? Baldwin's hasn't been shy about, uh, expressing himself in his guest-hosting gigs, like this one on Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word.

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