'The Longest Week's First Trailer Is Here

Almost Famous came out a full teenager ago, but Billy Crudup is still finding himself in well-styled love triangles. This time around, in The Longest Week, that love triangle involves Olivia Wilde and Jason Bateman. The latter plays his best friend, the former the lady who gallivants with the both of them.

Love triangles are of course de rigueur at this point, with the Jules And Jim best-friends-and-their-shared-lady thing being especially well-traveled. There's no denying the charm of these three, though, or of Wilde's artfully applied eyeliner.

It should also be noted that Bateman's character is named Conrad Valmont, and if you can't tell by that name he's an incredibly wealthy man cut off from his family's fortune for the first time. That, also, is pretty de rigueur. He goes to live with best friend Dylan (yep, Crudup) when they both meet Wilde's character and start their rivalry. Rich people and their hijinks! At least these ones take the subway?

Also, Jenny Slate is there! She asks the most important question of the trailer:

How am I supposed to care about a group of overprivileged affluent types who go gallivanting around without any sort of a moral compass?

I feel ya.

Image: Gravitas Ventures