Here's An Epic 'GoT' Cosplay Selfie

How long can we live off the vestiges of San Diego Comic-Con? At least a little while longer, it turns out. Given the vast storage properties of the Internet, maybe forever. Right now let's revel in one glorious thing Comic-Con hath wrought: An epic gathering of Game Of Thrones cosplay. So many Danys, so little time.

The gathering of cosplayers reportedly brought together about 120 people dressed like Game Of Thrones characters. As you can see in one of the pictures (full version below), a wide variety were represented. Peter Baelish lurking in the corner, Ygritte staring down the camera in the middle, a bunch of Aryas, a Drogo, a beardy Jon Snow — you name it, it's there.

The selfie was posted by Reddit user Reilena, who I'm assuming is the Khaleesi right up front, but who could very well be anyone else.

Cosplay's a notoriously large part of cons like Comic-Con, and an inevitable offshoot of almost any fantasy work — or "geeky" work in general — that draws fan interest. So it's not surprising there were a lot of Game Of Thrones cosplayers wandering the floor at Comic-Con this year, but it's still impressive.

Image: Imgur