Samuel L. Jackson's History Of Saying His Favorite Swear Word Is Immortalized In This Supercut — VIDEO

Yes, it has finally happened: Someone has made a supercut of Literally the only thing surprising about this is that this wasn't already something that existed. The supercut is almost four minutes long, which should also surprise approximately no one — if you told me there was over an hour's worth of footage of Samuel L. Jackson saying "motherfucker" I'd just be like "yeah, makes sense." The dude likes a curse word, and he is not afraid to throw them around, especially when they're his favorite and someone's pissing him off/existing in his presence.

Watching this supercut, though, it does start to sink in the sheer number of times Jackson has uttered that word in his lifetime. It's really...quite a lot. So much. Sooooo much. Rolling Stone's Jon Blistein counted, and found 171 "motherfucker"s in this supercut. It's very possible a few slipped through the cracks. And this thing doesn't even include things like bloopers or interviews. Extend this to Jackson's real life and the numbers would probably be astounding.

It kind of makes you wonder if, one day, hopefully a long long time from now, various awards shows will feel the need to lift their cursing ban when paying tribute to him in memoriam homages.

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