Your New Plus-Size Positive Summer Anthem

The messages that women usually get from the pop music world aren't what you might call body positive. But up-and-comer Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," a new, catchy summer anthem, might be changing that. The song is all about women embracing their size — even — and especially — if it's a few sizes bigger than what society tells them they should be. Between the message and the 1950s influences, this tune is bound to be stuck in your head for the rest of the summer.

Obviously, women who don't have "a little more booty," and who do fit naturally into society's narrow definition of acceptable body types, should also feel beautiful. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. But in a world where women are constantly told to slim down — and where the pop music scene sends out this message pretty heavily — it's nice to hear a song that pushes back against the "stick figure" ideal that is constantly pushed on us.

"I wrote this song because I myself struggle with this concept of self-acceptance," Trainor told the Huffington Post. "It was written from a real place so I’m glad that other people can relate to it."

From the way the video features some seriously epic moves by Vine star Sione Maraschino to the fact that it seems that white pop star feminists are getting better at not treating their back-up dancers like scantily-clad props in their empowering music videos, this video is a treat. So for anyone who can agree with the bold declaration that "I ain't no size two!" this one's for you. As Trainor says, "Every inch of you is perfect."

Image: MeghanTrainorVEVO/YouTube