15 Things To Do As You Wait For Your Nails To Dry

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Waiting is, as you are well aware, the absolute worst. I hate waiting for the subway. I hate waiting for a very slow child to learn how to walk up the stairs while I'm directly behind them, late for a meeting. I hate waiting for pots of water to boil. Waiting for summer to come during a brutal, snowy winter? Well, that's enough to make my head spin off my neck. In most cases, if I find something to do to occupy my time while I'm waiting, I feel less impatient because I'm utilizing that down-time and thus tricking myself into thinking I am not waiting for anything.

The worst waiting game, however, in the history of being a woman, is waiting for nail polish to dry. When I begin any nail sesh, I make sure I have a full stomach, water by my side, and a completely empty bladder. The confinements of beauty can be very restricting — what other process do you go through, aside from the SATs, where you can't go to the bathroom or else you'll literally ruin all of your hard work? Oddly enough, the first time I felt true absolute boredom during nail-painting was when I had chosen to paint my nails while I waited for a coat of paint to dry on my walls. Wait... what? Now I'm waiting for paint to dry EVERYWHERE.

I'm certain you feel my pain, so to ease your mani wait time woes, here's a list of 15 things you can successfully do while your polish dries. No smudging, guaranteed.

1. Dance, dance like you've never danced before

This is a great opportunity to finally learn the Dutty Wine, a classy way to twerk without looking like a jerk, and of course, just get real wild with some old-school tunes you haven't blasted in years!

2. Call your Parents

The longer I go without calling my parents, the more disappointed they are when I finally do call. These are 20 precious minutes of nail-drying that can be easily used to dish with your folks and stay on their good side!

3. Finally fix your auto-correct

The time has come: Never will I tell my crush that I am 'untreated' again! "I am interested" is a much better response to "Do you want to sleep over?"

4. Candy Crush, Tetris, Angry Birds: You decide!

I paint my nails about one or two times a week, so is it really any wonder that I'm on level 225 of Candy Crush? Must. Crush. More. Candies.

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5. Get really involved in a Reddit Argument

"Actually, SIR, Sid Vicious probably DID kill Nancy Spungeon a.k.a Nauseating Nancy..."

6. Order Delivery

Whenever I call my fave taco spot and receive the very sad information that I can expect to see my tacos in 45-50 minutes, I die a little inside. Fortunately, when I'm nail-painting, I've got plenty of time to wait for a lengthy delivery before I can use my hands for a messy taco anyway!

7. Learn all the words to an old-school rap album

My fave nail painting moments are relearning the words to the Ready to Die album while wearing a t-shirt that says "This is what a feminist looks like"

8. Trick yourself into applying to online-university

Warning: The web sites can and will sense your false sense of interest and begin sending you rapid emails and annoying calls.

9. Edit your Netflix Queue

Netflix: the 21st century answer to boredom. Time to get rid of all those obscure documentaries you know you'll never watch and then add more!

10. Practice for Future Selfies in the Mirror

This is a time to successfully implement a sultry face, a shocked face and a pout face

11. Dream up your next Airbnb stay

In about 20 minutes, I had mapped my dream trip starting in Moscow, traveling to St. Petersburg with an overnight stay in Siberia. Once my nails dried I gave up that dream, but it was fun while it lasted!

12. Get your Inbox Down

Time to delete all those e-mails I was "saving for later" or respond to my great aunt's request to attend a block party last month. Nothing is more pleasing than having only one new mail message.

13. Journal

Dear Diary, I can't wait for this top layer of nail polish to dry because...

14. Make a desperate last minute bid on Ebay

Regardless of what you purchase, winning feels awwwwwesome!

15. Download a new app

My personal fave is the Milo Generator; I can become an adorable member of the Descendants in a matter of seconds

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