"Stop Hatin'," And 6 Other Times President Obama Was Down With The Kids

President Obama is frustrated. He's just trying to do his job, and those pesky Republicans are threatening to sue him over his use of executive action. Ugh, just busy trying to run the U.S. over here, guys. But at a Kansas City event Wednesday, shit got real when Obama asked the GOP to "stop hatin' all the time."

Talk about telling it to them straight.

Republicans have been complaining that Obama has surpassed his constitutional authority — enough to prompt legal action. A largely party-line vote is expected in the near future that would authorize Congress to move for legal action. As House Republicans pander on, the looming vote has, thus far, only boosted Obama's fundraising. LOL, WHOOPS.

At the K.C. event Wednesday, Obama called the lawsuit a "political stunt" and shamed the Republicans for wasting taxpayers' dollars and detracting from more important issues. Then, he offered the GOP a word of advice:

Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hatin’ all the time. Let’s get some work done.

BOOOOOOOOOM, Y'ALL. I think the most important things that we can take away from all of this is that Obama:

A) DGAF because he isn't up for re-election.

B) Is a lot cooler than we give him credit for.

So just in case you needed more reminders that you could totally get down with POTUS, we've found a few reminders.

1. That time he was on "Between Two Ferns"

2. That time he revealed he was aware of Taylor Swift's love trysts

3. That time he asked THE QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS, BEYONCE, to sing at his second inauguration

4. That time he laughed off an offer to toke (but probz wanted to)

5. That time that he danced on Ellen

6. That time he re-created "Single Ladies" on a pizza. In space.

OK, that last one wasn't true. But if he could, I bet he'd be all about it.

Thanks, Obama.