Ray J Is So Sorry He Slept With Kim Kardashian, He Wrote 2 Songs About It — VIDEO

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Oh my god, I've always been the biggest Ray J fan! Said no one ever. Say the name Ray J and, guaranteed, only one thing comes to mind: his sex tape with Kim Kardashian. (And the dude is the brother of someone famous!) Ever since Kim and Ray J boned on camera and leaked it online for all the world see, both of their careers have blown-up like gangbusters. Well, one of their careers has blown up like gangbusters, but the other's career has seen a very nice boost in popularity and cash flow. So, why is Ray J suddenly lamenting his sex tape with Kim? Acting as though it's his cross to bear instead of his golden goose? He should be sending Kim and her ladyparts flowers each month for what they've done for him. Apparently, the rapper has earned more money from that sex tape than from his music and reality TV career combined. What's to regret at this point, years later?

A lot, if you ask Ray J. Brandy's brother recently came out with a new song, "Never Shoulda Did That," where, yes, he waxes poetic about how his on-camera antics with Kim, among other things in his life, were a mistake.

Wanna see the video? Of course you do. Because Ray J slept with Kim, that's why!

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"F*cking bitches on camera, shouldn't have did that sh*t." Way to class it up, Ray J. It's weird, one would think if Ray J regret having sex with Kim on camera, and wanted to disassociate himself with it, he wouldn't be releasing a song about it. Actually, make that two songs. Last year, Ray J, who is super bummed he and Kim made a sex tape FYI, came out with the song, "I Hit It First," in which he talks about — you guessed it! — sleeping with Kim.

Wanna see the video? Actually, you might not, because the lyrics are kind of gross, but for the dirty birds in the audience, here you go:

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Also, this was the cover art for the single:

Eerily similar to a certain photo of Kim Kardashian on the beach. But Ray J regrets being with Kim, you guys, okay?! So, stop talking about it already!

Looking forward to your next single, Ray J. May I offer a title suggestion? "The Three Things I Regret Most in Life: Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian."

Image: Ray J/Instagram