'Guardians Of the Galaxy' Meets LEGOs in Fan-Made Trailer So Great You'll Wish It Were Real — VIDEO

The world will finally be able to see Guardians Of the Galaxy soon enough. In the meantime, though, someone's made a Guardians of the Galaxy -as-LEGOS trailer, and it's pretty great. As in, great enough that I'm genuinely wishing it were a movie I could watch in full, full of LEGOS.

The use of this particular famous toy brand for a recreation of this particular movie is, of course, rather fitting: Chris Pratt's voice starred in The LEGO Movie, after all, and it hit pretty big. Given people's reactions to Guardians of the Galaxy so far, we can probably expect this one to hit pretty big over the weekend and the coming weeks, as well.

Seriously, though, this Guardians Of the Galaxy-as-LEGOS thing looks really fun. I'd also like to offer my hearty congratulations to Forrest Whaley, who directed this, and Sean Willets, who co-animated it — it's so well-done that if someone told me this was a preview for Marvel's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy animated series I would probably believe them. Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first impressive animation they've done: Their Youtube channel includes LEGO'd The Hobbit, Batman, Harry Potter — the list goes on.

forrestfire101 on YouTube

Image: Forrestfire101/Youtube