'SYTYCD' Jacque And Zack Performed Vampire-Themed Routine — But This Isn't The First Weird Dance On The Show

I love So You Think You Can Dance so much. Seriously, how these choreographers come up with these incredible routines and how the dancers find a way to perform these crazy dances amazingly well, is astounding. That's exactly what happened Wednesday night when Jacque and Zack were given a paso doble routine... about vampires. But not Twilight-style, sparkle-in-the-sun vampires. Vampires that would haunt our dreams and make Rob Zombie squeal with joy. In fact, the song Jacque and Zack danced to in that routine was in fact by Rob Zombie.

The routine was fabulous and made the judges cheer and put in fake vampire teeth for the tapper and ballerina's ballroom techniques taught to them by all-star choreographer and all-around weirdo Jean-Marc Généreux. Somehow Zack and Jacque were able to not only perform the routine like people who had been paso doble-ing for many years, they also had the attitude of the concept down perfectly. The Jekyll and Hyde costumes also must have helped the dancer nail the tone the routine so desperately needed. It also made me realize that this was one of many strange routine concepts that the show has introduced by choreographers equally as weird as Jean-Marc.


The show has been around for 11 seasons now so it's only understandable that in between some beautiful contemporary pieces, elegant ballroom dances, and "buck" hip hop routines, there are some really out-there numbers. In fact, another favorite couple of mine for Season 11, Valerie and Ricky, also received an interesting concept for their hip hop dance in which Valerie played a voodoo doll controlled by Ricky, the witch doctor. Just like Jacque and Zack's paso doble and Valerie and Ricky's hip hop routines, the weirdest dances are often the most unforgettable because the weirdness only makes the dancers better. Here are just a few of my favorites, and coincidentally the weirdest.

Season 2's Group Number "Ramalama Bang Bang"


I'm not entirely sure what the concept for this dance was — and it's been too long for me to remember — but the dancers looked like zombies so that's what I'm going with here. Wade Robson choreographed this routine and I still can't get it out of my head nine seasons later.

Jaimie And Hok's "The Chairman's Waltz"

Miss Monety on YouTube

Another Wade Robson number. Wade is the master of weird concept dances and this one takes the cake. Jaimie and Hok play a flower and hummingbird respectively. This routine is beautiful and stirring, despite a strange storyline that could have easily been a big miss.

Kayla And Kupono Embody Addiction

watchSYCYTD on YouTube

How anyone except Mia Michaels could come up with the most moving numbers out of the weirdest concepts is beyond my understanding. In this number, Mia helps Kayla and Kupono channel addict and addiction in a bold, difficult-to-watch dance that is still just as incredible to watch as it was when it was first performed.

Mark Kanemura Choreographs For The First Time


SYTYCD alum-turned-Lady Gaga dancer Mark came back to the show in Season 10 to choreograph his first number for the contestants. The result is this mishmash of style, substance, technician, and insanity — the good kind. The dance cannot be explained, it can only be watched and enjoyed, multiple times.

Images: Fox