Tapper Valerie Easily Made The 'SYTYCD' Top 10, But Latin Dancer Serge Didn't Make The Cut

Well it's official. Valerie is well on her way to becoming America's Favorite Dancer. Tappy McTapperson (a nickname given to Valerie by all-star guest judge Christina Applegate) easily made the Top 10 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance 's Season 11 which was a feat that seemed obvious after killing it week to week with fellow brilliant dancer Ricky. However, ballroom dancer Serge was unable to make crack the Top 10 dancers despite growing as a technician and performer from week to week.

Wednesday night was a difficult one for the contestants and the judges as four dancers were sent packing, leaving the judges the opportunity to only save one male dancer and one female dancer from the bottom six. Jessica, Casey, Serge, Carly, Teddy and Emily were in dancer of going home so their entire future on the show was based on their partner routines and solos. While Serge and his partner Carly churned out decent solos and a surprisingly good quickstep routine, a dance that is usually considered to be the kiss of death on this series, it wasn't enough to save either of them. And that's because of Jessica and Casey. Both contemporary dancers killed it on Wednesday night with an incredible Travis Wall routine and beautiful solos, especially Casey.


Now, the dancers who have successfully made the Top 10 get to dance with the all-stars. This is my favorite part of the whole show as we finally get to see each dancer's individual personality and talent paired with experts in each routine. Valerie, who is already an all-star in my heart, will be paired with Season 5's Ade who turned out a brilliant contemporary routine as an all-star in Season 7 with then contestant Billy Bell, to the song "Mad World."

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As for Valerie's partner Ricky, he's getting quite a good deal himself as his all-start partner will be Lauren Froderman, aka winner of Season 7. Both Lauren and Ricky are strong technicians and chameleons and if they can make beautiful routines like Lauren's "prom dance" with Kent or her hip hop dances with Twitch, Ricky will be more unstoppable than he already is this season.

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