Watch Weiner Be a Rude Asshole To British Reporter

Look, we know Anthony Weiner had some self-control issues, mostly to do with controlling the fly on his pants.

But we've noted before that his ousting from Congress in 2011 was actually pretty sad, because unlike some politicians (cough, Eliot Spitzer, cough,) Weiner was generally seen as a talented congressman and a decent guy, albeit with an unfortunate name and a penchant for attention-seeking on the Internet.

And sure, he busted his mayoral chances and did himself absolutely zero favors with Carlos Danger-gate, but just because he has a sexting problem, we weren't all quite ready to stick him in the "the misogynistic, asshole-y kind of politician" box yet. Until this.

British foreign correspondent Lucy Watson was out and about Thursday afternoon, doing her job, which happens to be covering politics. Upon tracking down the prospective mayoral candidate, Watson asked a few questions, and Weiner responded like you do. You know, by mocking her accent, ignoring her enquiries, refusing to make eye contact, giving passive-aggressive statements in the vague direction of the mic, and brushing her off the first chance he gets.

Dan Martland on YouTube

Or, if you prefer, read it in print. From the Washington Post's transcription:

By "hard to take you seriously," he means because she has a perfectly ordinary British accent. (Disclaimer: I'm British, and I'm a little enraged.)

Watson holds back from inviting them to Google "Sydney Leathers" instead, and respectfully continues:

Well, you're almost definitely not.

(The name's Danger. Carlos Danger. I'm a six-foot-nine beefcake, and I'm literally the best.)

It's actually summer in England, and record-breakingly hot.

We're putting Weiner in a box, all right.