'Once Upon a Time's Lana Parrilla Gets Married in the Fairytale Ending Regina Deserves

Regina Mills and Robin Hood might have had a wrench thrown into their budding relationship by the appearance of Robin's wife Maid Marian, but Lana Parrilla, who plays Regina on Once Upon a Time, is experiencing no such difficulty in her love life. Parrilla got engaged to Fred Di Blasio a year ago and Us Weekly has confirmed that Parrilla and Di Blasio got married in a secret wedding shortly before she began filming the fourth season of OUAT. The news was confirmed by a source rather than Parrilla herself, but speculation has already been flying after she appeared with some rings on that hand.

Listen, I'm not saying that art should imitate life, but art should totally imitate life here. After all, as every OUAT fan knows, Regina Mills is the only person in general, and in a central couple, to end season 3 unhappy. Snow White and Prince Charming have been reunited with their baby and their daughter in the happy family they've always wanted to have. Rumpelstiltskin and Belle got married in a secret ceremony of their own. Emma Swan finally realized the depth of her feelings for Captain Hook and gave him the kiss we'd all been waiting for.

Meanwhile, Regina Mills gets a brief flicker of happiness kissing Robin and taking his son Roland for a walk to Granny's before it gets revealed that the woman Emma saved from a dungeon and brought back with her from the past was Robin's deceased wife, Roland's mother, and the biggest cockblock to the "Outlaw Queen" relationship since Regina's own insecurities.

Parrilla's marriage is great news that I, for one, hope makes it's way onto the show. Regina might have started out as the most frustrating villain in the world, including season 2 when her severe victim complex made it impossible for her to see why she actually had to change and stop killing people before she could have custody of her son again, but she has grown more than any other character on Once Upon a Time and she deserves to finally get her happy ending. Maybe season 3 could end with another wedding, but this one belonging to Regina Mills and Robin Hood. Lana Parrilla already has the perfect ring for it.

Update: Lana Parrilla confirmed the news on Twitter on Friday, August 1, along with a picture of the ring.

Image: oceansapart/Tumblr