Pope Francis' 10 Happiness Tips Are Words To Live By, Whether You're Religious Or Not

I never thought I would have a favorite pope, but Francis is definitely it. In a recent interview with Viva, a weekly from his native country Argentina, Pope Francis let us in on his 10 secrets to happiness. And with his connections, these very well could be the closest we come to holding the secret of life.

Francis granted the insider tips as a celebration of his 500 days as head of the Roman Catholic Church. Unsurprising for the unprecedentedly hip pope, the list doesn't deal in biblical teachings, or really have much to do with religion at all. Rather, Francis outlines some pretty straightforward points for living simply and enjoying the little things that anyone, religious or not, could apply to their life.

Still, the advice drawn from the experiences of arguably the holiest person on the planet can seem a little daunting. Even my grandfather's advice seems like too much to follow at this point, much less a dude with a direct line to the man upstairs. To make it more digestible for all of you heathens, we've outlined his 10 points and added a little interpretation of our own. Peace be with you, Millennials.

Franco Origlia/Getty Images News/Getty Images

1. "Campa e lascia campa," or live and let live

In other words, "You do you and I'll do me."

2. Open yourself to others

And also don't have a resting bitch face in bars because everyone will think you're over it and no one will talk to you.

3. Keep calm and carry on through life

But for the love of God don't wear a shirt with that printed on it.

4. Find leisure in the simple things

I think he meant spending time with your family and stuff, but I think pedicures with your cousin could count, too.

5. Everyone should have Sunday off


6. Give young people meaningful work

Or really any work will do at this point, Most Holy.

7. Protect the environment

Stop guessing and hoping no one calls you out. Take that extra couple seconds to figure out if you're actually recycling correctly.

8. Don't be negative

Unless you're PMSing, then you definitely get a pass for at least a day. We know you don't understand, pope, but trust us; there's not a lot to be happy about at that point.

9. Don't proselytize

Stop calling yourself "spiritual but not religious" and giving us a look when we don't enthusiastically nod our heads in agreement. No one really knows what that means.

10. Give peace a chance

Except if you're on a morning commute. Then all bets are off.