He's Reaaaaally Proud of Allison Williams

In case you haven't heard, Girls star Allison Williams has been cast as Peter Pan in NBC's upcoming production of Peter Pan Live. People have had mixed reactions to the news ranging from she'll do an amazing job to Marnie Michaels can't even sing, but overall we're all pretty eager to see how Williams is going to handle playing everyone's favorite sociopath. However, Williams' version of Peter Pan already has one major fan who doesn't need to see her performance to know it's going to be good. That fan is her father Brian Williams who reported on Allison Williams' casting on the NBC Nightly News by embarrassing her more effectively than any father has since the dawn of time.

Listen, there are just some places that baby pictures don't belong. In framed portraits when you crush is coming over is one. In your father's wallet so he can more easily show his co-workers is another. But I think the top prize for where your baby pictures don't belong is on a major news network. Sadly, that's exactly what happened to poor Allison Williams when Brian Williams announced to the world that she had been training for his role since she was a child — and followed that up with a young Allison Williams dressed up like Peter Pan.

Admittedly, a sense of shame and a career in acting don't really go together. If Williams were embarrassed about having her photos plastered all over the place, she would have gone into any other field. However, turning on the news and seeing your baby picture staring back at you is a mortifying situation that should give every other daughter out there secondhand shame on Wiliams' behalf.

Dads of the world, listen up. If you really love your children, you will place all of their baby pictures in a heap out back and burn them as soon as they are old enough to beg you to do it. Or, you know, you could broadcast them on your nightly news show to anyone who is watching, especially if your daughter is going to be Peter Pan. Technically, both methods prove your love just as well.

Watch the clip below.

Image: NBC/YouTube