Who Is David Tutera? These 'My Fair Wedding' Moments Explain A Lot

Everyone's favorite wedding planner extraordinaire is back. WeTv returns with David Tutera:CELEBrations, WEtv's latest update to the event planner's series. It originally began as My Fair Wedding, where Tutera guided brides through elaborate themes and added some sophistication to their ceremonies. Then came My Fair Wedding: Unveiled and David Tutera: Unveiled, both of which focused on more drama and cattiness from both clients and Tutera, with the latter also delving into the reality stars' private lives and some non-wedding events. CELEBrations will find Tutera and his team handling events for stars like a baby shower for Lil Kim and a wedding for controversial Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong.

While it's great to see the show grow and develop over the years, what about the concept that started it all? Compared to the Unveiled versions, Tutera's show used to be the feel-good break from all of the Bridezillas of the world, where he helped good people achieve great things.

Here's a tribute to the kinder, gentler days of Tutera's empire, when he helped everyday brides with big dreams and modest wallets put on the event of a lifetime (and with far less sass).

Rockabilly Marilyn Monroe

Proof that Tutera both giveth just as he taketh away, Season 1’s Mandy Ferrer probably got the shorter end of the stick during the show’s Unveiled commentary, which painted her as a little bit of an out of control drunk. During her Season 1 episode though, Tutera took her dark take on pin-up style and added some sophistication for a wedding worthy of a Marilyn. He even kept some of Mandy’s more intense elements, like a small spider groom’s cake in honor of the spider cupcakes she was originally going to have.

Image: WEtv

Mummer Wedding

Tutera’s face when bride Jamie tried to describe her dream of a Mummer wedding was priceless. For the record, it’s a kind of New Year’s Parade that takes place in Philly, full of bright colors and musical revelry. Once he actually discovered what it was, Tutera had no problem throwing together a band and some costumes and giving the bride just what she asked for. Tutera’s insider video also reveals this wedding was a rager, and had to be shut down due to how much drunken fun the guests were having.

Image: WEtv

Marie Antoinette Wedding

Bayyina Joseph wanted something special, but Tutera was not having it with her ’80s inspired gown or less than regal venue. So he instead gave her an affair fit for a French Royal with a Marie Antoinette theme. An elaborate corseted gown, hired dancers in period costume, and royal etiquette lessons transformed all of her “don’ts” into a series of majestic “dos.”

Image: WEtv

David and The Ugly Dresses

One of the best parts of the show isn’t wedding related at all. It’s Tutera’s reserved WTF face, which appears when the bride’s original dress and decor choices aren’t quite what he was hoping for. From the unflattering to the ill-fitting, to the downright ugly, watching Tutera gingerly prepare his “I can’t let you do that” while assuring a bride he’ll help her craft an elegant wedding that reflects her vision is perhaps even more entertaining than the end reveal, like this little number from Season 3’s Katie Vils of the Day of the Dead-themed wedding.

Image: Youtube

Bollywood Brides

David has thrown not one, but two Bollywood themed weddings. A country-western Bollywood BBQ for a particularly difficult India-obsessed bride and Texas-loving groom. Meanwhile Lauren wanted to blend Chinese and Indian cultures in one Asian Fusion ceremony, which Tutera pulled off effortlessly, injecting meaning into traditions left and right.

Image: Youtube