Frankie Grande Gets Naked for 'Big Brother's Cameras, But Zach Wasn't Even There To See It

The Big Brother house has 76 HD cameras on at all times for everyone in America to watch. Let that sink in and ask yourself how you could possibly live in a human fishbowl for an entire summer without showing a little skin. Even the bathrooms have cameras! Some houseguests just own the fact that they are going to be seen everywhere by America, like Frankie Grande, who got naked for Big Brother 's cameras on Thursday. Of course not everyone is as open as Frankie. For example, Victoria discovered this week that the cameras could see her when she was changing in the bedrooms and was actually surprised by this. Does she not know how this game works?

But are you really so shocked that Frankie Grande, the man who has never been shy to speak his mind, is also not shy to show off his body to America? He actually gave America a "What's up" while naked. This guy loves waltzing around the HoH room naked, and Frankie, I can tell you America loves that you love to waltz around naked. What else is the guy to do! 76 cameras people — in HD. Here's a perfectly timed screenshot of Frankie's naked greeting.

Then in true Zankie fashion, Zach suggested that Frankie sleep naked in the bed, something I don't think Frankie would have a problem with one bit. Check out the video when Zach suggests Frankie drop trou.

Looking back on Frankie's YouTube channel, he seems to be someone who has always been one to show a little skin, even in the strangest of conditions. Check out Frankie's "Naked Snow Angel" YouTube video that shows a little less skin than Frankie in BB, but still explains a lot.

FrankieJGrande on YouTube

Oh Frankie, never change.

Images: CBS