Willow Smith's New Song "8" Will Surprise You By Actually Being Great — LISTEN

I never thought the day would come when I'd admit that I legitimately like a new single by Willow Smith called "8" that's apparently about numerology and her love of it, but here I am: Admitting on the very wide, very public expanse of the Internet that Smith's new song is kind of great in a alt-R&B/soul funk/The Weeknd-esque way. Honestly, I haven't even taken the time to analyze the lyrics (though, apparently, it really is in reference to Smith's love of numerology — the title is a number, and Smith has previously said "I’ve been really into numerology lately because a lot of numbers have been following me and my friends." Oh-kay, Wills...) but as far as the beat, tone, and Smith's hazy, dreamy vocals go, this song's a hit. It almost sounds like the great alternative/electronic/blues-type music coming out of London right now, which is intriguing enough on its own.

"8," which was released on Soundcloud, is a collaboration between Smith and DJ Kitty Cash, and is featured on Kitty Cash's EP, Love the Free II mixtape. Smith, who's only 13 (and doing way more with her life than I was doing at 13), has previously commented on her new music stylings:

"I’ve been coming into this new phase in my life, just becoming one with all that is, going deeper into myself and getting to the goal of my music, which is to share that feeling and pass on knowledge so that consciousness can be raised on this planet."

OK, so she sounds a little like her elder brother Jaden Smith's Twitter feed, but at least we can all rest assured that Smith isn't going to start tweeting borderline paranoid statements on Twitter just because she's all into "~numerology~": Even Willow thinks her brother Jaden goes overboard sometimes.

Anyway, you can listen to Smith's new single "8" below!