CFDA Womenswear Nominees: Why Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Proenza Schouler are Worthy of their Nods

There are three nominees in the running for Womenswear Designer of the Year: Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Proenza Schouler. Here are nine reasons why the designers deserve their nomination. [Image: Getty Images]

Alexander Wang: White Leather Anorak

No one does American sporty and cool the way Alexander Wang does. The way he works leather into comfortable and wearable pieces is unmatched. [Image: Getty Images]

Alexander Wang: Fishing Line Dress

The fall-away impact of this dress is achieved through the use of a clear fishing line to hold it all together. Wang produced the fishing line specially–the regular wire would have melted under the heat of a steamer. The precariousness of this dress is what makes it so sexy. [Image: Getty Images]

Alexander Wang: Glow in the Dark Materials

Aside from being beautiful, sexy, sporty looks, Wang made the finale dresses glow in the dark. Enough said, no? [Image: Getty Images]

Marc Jacobs: Black and White Striped Tunic (Passing Here as a Dress)

The Marc Jacobs SS13 collection was all about black and white, stripped down, and back to basics, but the clothes were hardly boring. This flippy, flirty tunic would be perfect about now, for bearing the humidity and heat. I know my legs would enjoy the breeze. [Image: Getty Images]

Marc Jacobs: Paillette Evening Ensemble

Head to toe sequins could get out of hand quickly, but in a black and white palette, paillettes are somehow grounded enough, while maintaining a high level of glam. [Image: Getty Images]

Marc Jacobs: Extremely Flattering Stripes

Stripes can go downhill quickly, if they emphasize someone in the wrong direction. Jacobs undersands a woman’s body in this dress–the curved stripes curve where a woman does, too. [Image: Getty Images]

Proenza Schouler: Innovative Embroidery

Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are genius at using formerly outdated methods of construction and embellishment and making them completely new, young and sophisticated. The embroidery on this boxy, structured jacket is just one example. [Image: Getty Images]

Proenza Schouler: Updated Patchwork

McCollough and Hernandez update an old method again, making patchwork feel less old-fashioned quilt and more futuristic sophisticate. The two mention Tumblr as a source of inspiration for this collection. Can’t you see it? [Image: Getty Images]

Proenza Schouler: Fabric Bonding and Weaving

A complex, multi-step process to create the texture and pattern of the skirt in this look make it a collector’s piece, easy to admire. [Image: Getty Images]