Hollister + Lucy Hale = An Awesome Collaboration

The surfer brand has never collaborated with a celebrity before, but now the Hollister is teaming up with Lucy Hale for not one, but two different collections. Both of the collections will launch in August (the first on the 8th, the second on the 29th) making their debut perfect timing for back to school shopping. I can feel the excitement of Pretty Little Liars fans brewing already.

According to Women's Wear Daily, the first collection is inspired by Hale's own lifestyle, including easy to layer pieces, and the second surrounds soft separates with relaxed silhouettes. Both collections, which are limited editions, will include leggings, skirts, tops, and soft dresses with a price range from $19.95 to $44.95 so you won't have to worry about splurging in order to dress like Hale.

“I definitely lean more towards a laid-back look, which makes my style a great match for Hollister. I wanted to create carefree outfits that effortlessly transition from a coffee run to going out,” Hale said. Carefree outfits with an easy transition sound great to me so I'm very excited to shop the full collection.

There aren't any photos of the pieces just yet, but Aria Montgomery is my favorite character on Pretty Little Liars, so I'm hoping she has some sort of influence on the collection. It sounds a bit breezy-boho-ier than Aria's usual vibe, but these 4 staples of her wardrobe could definitely add a cool edge to the laid-back items.

1. An Army Green Jacket and Striped Tee

2. A Flowy Dress and An Edgy Hoodie

3. A Camo Sweatshirt

4. A Flirty Dress