MAC's New Color Collection Is... Sensual

Have you ever seen a MAC eyeliner or lipstick and immediately thought of Fabio and/or Danielle Steele novels? Didn't think so. However, prepare to start thinking a little bit differently about your boutique beauty products. MAC's newest color collection, "A Novel Romance," will be arriving soon and is described as a "...collection teeming with deep, luscious shades that will have you overwhelmed with desire." Obviously.

According to the very descriptive (just wait) press release, the collection will include everything from metallic and darkened purple eye shadow quads to plum and burgundy lipsticks to blush. But not just any blush, guys. No. This blush is the perfect accent to your look, a product of when "irresistible forces collide and cheeks flush in shimmering powder blush, as you turn the page towards a powerful climax…leaving you utterly breathless." Yes, we are still talking about make up here. Just remember that.

Another cool part of the collection? New shades of MAC's fluidline pencil. The jewel-tone shades were described as "arousing," and ideal for when you "set sail for secret shores of pleasure." This is kind of exciting, because instead of being either scared of poking myself in the eye or frustrated with the unevenness of my line while using eyeliner, I will now be preparing to set sail to my secret shores of pleasure. And who doesn't want to start their day like that?

The collection is rounded out by six nail lacquers in shades of blue, charcoal, and violet. Because what's a good "after-dark adventure" without the perfect shade of nail polish? Am I right?

And in case you weren't picking up on the romance novel references, here is are some of the images associated with the new collection.

I don't know about you guys, but there's nothing like Jesus dressed as a pirate to really get me thinking, "holy cow, I really need to go buy some new eye shadow."

If a more of a celtic romance novel hero is your thing, well don't worry — they obviously have that covered as well.

Ok, not going to complain about the sexy Sound of Music meets Khal Drogo vibes that are going on in this one because I dreamt about something along these lines once and I have to say I wasn't hating it.

To be fair, if you get past the ridiculousness of both the descriptions of the makeup and the imagery, then what we're left with is some really killer colors for fall. Plum and burgundy lipsticks? Charcoal nail polish – sorry, lacquer? Sign me up. Except minus the romance novel Jesus-lookalike guy. Please.

"A Novel Romance" will be available online as of August 14 and in store from only August 21 to October 2.

Images: MAC Cosmetics (4)