What To Wear To a One Direction Concert

Attending a One Direction concert past the age of 14 can be somewhat daunting. As a kid you had no shame in taking a black eye liner to your face to scribble the name of your beloved boy band member with hearts and the words "forever", but doing this in your 20s just seems creepy. And yet, despite how creepy it may seem you still desperately want to hang with the cool kids, and your love for your favorite member has not died down. If anything your emotions have increased building up to the concert. Which begs the question, can you still dress like a fangirl and get away with it?

The timing could not be better to bring up the topic of concert attire as those adorable British babes One Direction are currently performing their stadium tour. Let's be honest with each other, One Direction are quite possibly the best thing to happen to boy bands since the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC days. They bring together the perfect confection of pop melodies and disgustingly good looks and although they are not as old as past boy band members, they are still in their very early 20s. So, the fact that older women are ready to pounce on these cuties is justifiable, to a degree I suppose. But, the question still remains, how does one dress for a One Direction concert without looking like they are trying too hard, or being mistaken for the babysitter, older sister, or worse, mother of another fangirl?

These five outfits may help inspire your very own groupie ensemble that will keep you up all night as you create midnight memories for the story of your life.


When in doubt it is always best to dress in the clothes you know you are comfortable in. This will help you avoid any urges to readjust, fidget, or otherwise miss your favorite song because you are too focused on your outfit. A nice soft pant and crop top like the one above will allow you to move and groove as you please and can be dressed up nicely with some accessories.


It is a general rule of thumb that you never wear the bands concert tee to their concert. However, when it comes to pop music and boy bands I think all bets are off. This outfit is a tongue-in-cheek look that will allow you to feel young and silly, but still makes way for comfort and danceability. It may not be your favorite due to the mass amount of teenybopper bits, but if you want to fit in with the crowd this is your best option.


For those that want to look the part without wearing every item from the merch table, I present to you these precious pieces. Pairing skinny jeans with a cute graphic tee or tank will help you blend in with the crowd. I added the cardigan for nighttime after the concert when you want to chase the tour bus down the street and stalk the boys outside their hotel room. Don't act like that thought didn't cross your mind!


If you are a diehard fan of 1D you will know that this look is inspired by the outfits Louis Tomlinson wore in the music videos for "What Makes You Beautiful", and "One Thing". Since their first world tour fangirls have been putting together different variations of the striped tee, red pants, and suspenders. You definitely have to be bold to sport this outfit to the show, or at the very least be a big fan of Where's Waldo too!


If none of these outfits speak to you there is always the option to dress like you would any other day. Make an effort to have flat shoes for all the jumping around you will be involved in, and a tank top because one thing is for sure you are going to be sweating the entire time. Add some pretty accessories too because there is always that hope in hell that you will be pulled up on stage, or bump into one of the boys on your way home from the show.

Images: Poylvore