'Vanderpump Rules' Season 3 Finale Rumored To Feature Scheana's Wedding, & Here's Everything We Know So Far — PHOTOS

Sunday, Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Marie and Mike Shay did the wedding thing. Monday, I lamented the Internet's lack of photographs of what I presumed to be a most extraordinary occasion. Wednesday, more photographs of Scheana and Shay's big day were released into the world wild web, as was In Touch’s pre- and post-wedding interview with the bride.

Wednesday was a great day.

Back in May, Radar reported that the wedding will be featured on Season 3 and a few reality TV gossip sites say that it will probably be a big part of the finale. Uh, YES PLEASE.

(Let it be known that if Scheana and Shay's wedding isn't how Season 3 ends, I will be SORELY disappointed. I'm a sucker for a wedding finale ep, what can I say?)

Because I am not very patient when it comes to Vanderpump Rules, I want to know everything about the wedding, aka the maybe-season finale. Here are some noteworthy details from In Touch:

The dress: Scheana's strapless two-piece dress was designed by her aunt Dimitrianne WoodCROP TOP! CROP TOP! CROP TOP! YAAAAAAS!

The first dance song: “I Knew I Loved You” by Savage GardenWinner winner, chicken dinner.

The cost of the wedding: $100,000$100k? Wowzers. She'd probably win the Four Weddings honeymoon prize.

The bar: Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump paid for the boozeAwesome bosses.

The food: A Mexican food buffetYes, please.

The cake: A three-tier, 200-piece cake towerWhat does a "200-piece cake" mean? "Piece" as in "slice?" Or was the cake adorned with 200 decorative pieces?

The security detail: The security guards were instructed to make sure Scheana's Vanderpump costars didn’t get too turnt up (spoiler alert: everyone behaved)I'm itching to know if there were any close calls.

The Stassi Schroeder???: Scheana’s ex-pal was not invitedColor me not shocked.

I don’t know if the Vanderpumpers sensed my cries on Monday or what (I like to think we're mentally connected), but they've since shared more pics.

Here's Jax Taylor and The Hills' Bartender Stacie Hall:

Hubba hubba, we're in trubba!

Here's the In Touch photo spread:

I must pay my local grocery store's magazine rack a visit ASAP.

Here's a closer look at the pic of Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval:

Her hair sort of looks like a soft serve ice cream cone in that pic. That's a compliment, I swear.

Here's Katie Maloney's dress:

On Monday, I wanted a photo of Katie's dress, and that's exactly what I got (coincidence? Or mental connection?). Anyway, digging the dress. It's something the cool girl would wear in a late '90s/early '00s prom movie. (Once again, I mean that as a compliment.)

Here's Scheana and her dad:


Do you want more pics of the dress? Of course you do!

And here's one of the bride and groom:

Oof, I am exhausted in the best way.

...If looking at pictures of their wedding tuckered me out, I can't fathom what watching it on the show would do to me. I'd have to schedule a post-ep nap, that's for sure.

Images: mrjaxtaylor (2), ariana252525, musickillskate, scheanamarie/Instagram; Edmund Prieto/SBOX (2)